New opening Norrkoping – Sweden

Niinivirta, one of the logistics providers of the Di Martino Group, is pleased to announce the opening of the new F.lli Di Martino offices in Norrkoping, Sweden, starting from 1 February 2024. This important step marks a further expansion of our activities, allowing us to offer tailor-made logistics solutions to the Swedish market as well.

Our company, with already well-established branches in Piacenza, Lodi, Catania, Palermo, Genoa, Milan, Corinth, Barcelona, Valencia, Rades and Vantaa, stands out for its versatility in providing tailor-made services, just like an expert tailor who creates perfect dresses for each customer.

One of our fundamental principles is sustainability. As a logistics provider, we are constantly committed to improving our environmental standards, reducing our impact on the planet. This commitment translates into tangible choices, such as the preference for intermodal transport solutions, with particular attention to naval and rail transport, which are notoriously more sustainable than traditional ones.

The opening of the new offices in Norrkoping, Sweden represents a milestone for Niinivirta. This initiative allows us not only to offer customized logistics services for the Swedish market, but also completes our presence in the Nordic markets, further consolidating our position as a major player in the European logistics sector.

This move fits perfectly into our constant search for environmentally friendly solutions, reflecting our commitment to playing an active role in building a sustainable logistics future.

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