Our mission
The interest of our customers is our priority


We develop excellence in the various transport sectors

Ever since we first began in 1986, we have always tried to give priority to our customers’ interests

35 years of experience confirm that our commitment has been recognized by our customers. Since 1986, we have tried to provide the best solutions in transport and distribution from and to Scandinavian countries, which continue being our main traffic network and we have managed to improve our services in time.


RFIDs are technologies that allow remote recognition of objects, animals and people using radio waves.


Applications identified in about 600 organizations, thanks to as many researches carried out.

Excellence and professionalism at the service of our customers

Besides maintaining an excellence position for Scandinavian markets, we have developed other transport sectors such as the following: air and sea transport since 1996, on demand logistics since 2002, where we offer our experience to develop and organize the process at the “HOME COUNTRY” of the customer.

In addition, since July 2005 we have been the first in applying the RFID technology (radio-frequency tags) for the management of goods in transit from our warehouse at Tribiano. We have obtained highly satisfactory results, enough to give us boost to proceed in the development of this technology to make the goods of our customers available at any moment.

35 years of constant commitment and dedication