Our new electrifying challenge

Electric truck

Niinivirta is eco-friendly

The first company in Italy to carry out urban deliveries using 100% electric trucks. Our biggest challenge in this century is to realize an idea that seems abstract: sustainable development.
Trucks represent less than 2% of vehicles on the road but 22% of CO2 emissions are coming from them. In addition, the electric vehicles have an emission in decibels of 20 db equal to the noise of the wind that blows in the summer to make each delivery less invasive.

Starting from 2014 we carry out daily deliveries to the main Italian cities, Florence, Turin, Brescia, Bergamo and Milan, with 100% electric vehicles.

The first fully electric truck in Italy!

Niinivirta Transport today opens a path, which is that of transport seen from the perspective of environmental protection. ``It is a challenge, but we believe in it and we are truly convinced that the delivery sector in the city, especially in the historic centers, will increasingly be the prerogative of zero-emission vehicles``.



3,5 - 18 Ton

Total weight
at full load


Maximum pallet spaces

9500 kg

Maximum capacity

150 - 360 km


The fleet is structured to adapt to any type of customer need. Starting from small vehicles, for the most widespread distribution within the most inaccessible city centers, up to vehicles equipped with a “roll-off” system that allows the interchangeability of the rear body, so as to optimize loading and unloading times.

Some of our vehicles are equipped for the distribution of clothing and hanging garments. All vehicles are equipped with a tail lift with a capacity of up to 1500 kg. All trucks are equipped with a 7 kw, 22 kw or 44 kw on-board charger that allows charging externally and not only at our main distribution hubs.

Each vehicle is equipped with a double GPS control system to ensure the location, safety and remote control of the truck.

For any need,
we are there!



INTERVIEW – “e-SMART : Paolo Ferraresi from Niinivirta Transport S.p.A.”