New opening Norrkoping – Sweden

Niinivirta, one of the logistics providers of the Di Martino Group, is pleased to announce the opening of the new F.lli Di Martino offices in Norrkoping, Sweden, starting from 1 February 2024. This important step marks a further expansion of our activities, allowing us to offer tailor-made logistics solutions to the Swedish market as well.

Our company, with already well-established branches in Piacenza, Lodi, Catania, Palermo, Genoa, Milan, Corinth, Barcelona, Valencia, Rades and Vantaa, stands out for its versatility in providing tailor-made services, just like an expert tailor who creates perfect dresses for each customer.

One of our fundamental principles is sustainability. As a logistics provider, we are constantly committed to improving our environmental standards, reducing our impact on the planet. This commitment translates into tangible choices, such as the preference for intermodal transport solutions, with particular attention to naval and rail transport, which are notoriously more sustainable than traditional ones.

The opening of the new offices in Norrkoping, Sweden represents a milestone for Niinivirta. This initiative allows us not only to offer customized logistics services for the Swedish market, but also completes our presence in the Nordic markets, further consolidating our position as a major player in the European logistics sector.

This move fits perfectly into our constant search for environmentally friendly solutions, reflecting our commitment to playing an active role in building a sustainable logistics future.

TrasportareOggi – The bureaucratic paradox

The renewal of the vehicle fleet is not only an economic problem but, often, also an administrative one.
The experience of Niinivirta Transport explains to us in what sense BY PAOLO FERRARESI CEO Niinivirta Transport, Partner SOS Logistica – Association for Sustainable Logistics

Translating sustainability policies into concrete actions is complex, tiring and expensive. The entire supply chain needs to work as a team to achieve tangible results. From this perspective, the Public Administration is one of the key actors, from which one would expect a role as facilitators and not as obstacles for the entrepreneurs most motivated to change, like me.
The statement seems obvious and not even very original, yet it becomes necessary when one of the most acclaimed sustainable technologies at the moment is being hindered: electric.

What’s happening? My company, Niinivirta Transport, has already invested over 5 million euros since 2014 for a solar power system and for an electric traction fleet which today includes 16 commercial vehicles of various types and capacities. Unfortunately, however, in the coming years we will find ourselves suffering a heavy penalty in daily operations in Milan. From 1/10/2023, in fact, electric vehicles over 7.5m can no longer circulate in zone C during daytime (7.30am-7.30pm), allowing a certain quantity of goods that could be transported with 0 emissions (co -me already happened in the last 10 years) is instead delivered with smaller, more polluting, traditional vans.

A bureaucratic paradox, evidently: the length limit which, moreover, in other municipalities reaches up to 9m, ends up prevailing to the unfair detriment of sustainability. The Municipal Administration, following arguments from the company, including having been excluded from the experimental counting of vehicles that accessed zone C via electricity, issued temporary exemptions until 09/30/2025, but expressing in any case the peremptory will not to renew the exemptions after this date.

Personally, I believe this decision is contrary to the desire to decongest traffic, reducing emissions into the atmosphere, as would happen with the use of 100% electric traction, and this causes us great economic damage, as well as stopping the conversion of medium-heavy vehicles, used for urban logistics, by any other operator who wants to take this path after us. A road that the Administration should make downhill and which, on the contrary, has become uphill. It is clear that the decision aims to defend legitimate interests, let’s say safety, but also harms others, primarily collective health, by discouraging zero-emission freight transport.

Sustainable mobility cannot be based only on the circulation of small vehicles for the management of small parcel deliveries, but must include the transport of goods for businesses/shops in the centre, with important supply volumes, which can be consolidated on a single larger electric vehicle , for multiple recipients.
Why, for example, instead of banning electric vehicles over 7.5m, not let them circulate in preferential lanes?


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Happy Holidays 2023

In this magical Christmas season, we want to express our gratitude for your trust and support.

The Niinivrta – Di Martino Group – team has prepared something special for you!


Fedespedi Giovani conference “Environmental sustainability: a shared commitment”

The presentation conference ‘Environmental Sustainability: a shared commitment’ for the new ‘I Quaderni di Fedespedi’ series was held in Milan on 30 November.

The project, carried out in 2023 in collaboration with the Green Transition Hub of the LIUC Carlo Cattaneo University and thanks to the contribution of the Fedespedi Study Center, led to the identification of a set of KPIs for measuring the environmental sustainability of reference for the activity carried out by shipping companies – divided into the macro categories ‘warehouse‘, ‘transport‘, ‘supply chain‘ and ‘office‘ – which are collected and presented in the publication which contains useful information for shipping companies to activate measurement tools for their business, the first step essential for building sustainability strategies. The implementation of the research also saw the direct collaboration of 13 companies associated with the federation, including Niinivirta, who contributed to the implementation of the research by pooling expertise in the field and experience gained in the company.

At the bottom of this article you will find the letter of thanks sent to us by the President of Fedespedi Giovani, Armando Borriello, and the environmental sustainability KPI notebook presented.

Consult the notebook:

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