Fedespedi Giovani conference “Environmental sustainability: a shared commitment”

The presentation conference ‘Environmental Sustainability: a shared commitment’ for the new ‘I Quaderni di Fedespedi’ series was held in Milan on 30 November.

The project, carried out in 2023 in collaboration with the Green Transition Hub of the LIUC Carlo Cattaneo University and thanks to the contribution of the Fedespedi Study Center, led to the identification of a set of KPIs for measuring the environmental sustainability of reference for the activity carried out by shipping companies – divided into the macro categories ‘warehouse‘, ‘transport‘, ‘supply chain‘ and ‘office‘ – which are collected and presented in the publication which contains useful information for shipping companies to activate measurement tools for their business, the first step essential for building sustainability strategies. The implementation of the research also saw the direct collaboration of 13 companies associated with the federation, including Niinivirta, who contributed to the implementation of the research by pooling expertise in the field and experience gained in the company.

At the bottom of this article you will find the letter of thanks sent to us by the President of Fedespedi Giovani, Armando Borriello, and the environmental sustainability KPI notebook presented.

Consult the notebook:

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