The electric also lands in Florence!

The second 100% electric powered truck is now a reality…

Starting from these days, the twin of the Newton, which has been operating in Milan since May 2014 under the banner of Niinivirta Transport Spa, will start delivering to the shops of a famous Swedish fashion house (for all …) even in the center of a of the most beautiful cities in Italy:


Next Sunday 17 April, it will be officially presented to the local authorities, thanks to the event organized by the Lyon’s too.
Very sensitive to new technologies that give sustainability to the activities that take place in the city.

Improving the quality of air and traffic improves the lives of all of us … a commitment that involves FENITRANS Srl, Tuscan Partner of Niinivirta Transport Spa.

>> LINK of the presentation program of Sunday 17 April 2016 (Source: